Yutaka Emura

atnak wrote:
Some enhancement requests for the find/replace dialog:

– Multi-line (maybe 3 lines) and slightly bigger width-wise Find and Replace-with text boxes. –Entering multiple lines into the text box is the same as inserting “n” in the text.

– Linked Find and Replace-with combo boxes. –When a previously-used pattern is selected from the Find combo box, the replacement text that was last used with the selected pattern is automatically selected. All replacement texts that have been used with the current search pattern are grouped at the top of the Replace-with combo box–sorted in the order of recently used–and a separator line placed to divide this group from the other replacement texts.

– Linked Find options. Sort of like above except with search options. When a search pattern is selected from the Find combo box, search options (the top four) like “Use Regular Expressions” are automatically restored to how it was.

A few bonus nice-to-haves:
– Resizable Find/Replace dialogs. (Actually, it’s already resizable, but the controls inside don’t move or resize.)

– Syntax colouring for escape sequences and regex control characters in the Find/Replace-with text boxes.

Versoin 7 beta already has resizable Find/Replace dialog features, and you can resize so the text boxes become multi-lines.

I might consider the Linked Find options and syntax coloring for escape sequences and regex control characters. Thanks!