Yutaka Emura

Thyresias wrote:
Hello from Paris :-)

First, I would like to congratulate the developper(s?) for this excellent piece of software. But as I’m a TextPad switcher, there are some functionalities that I miss, and require me to switch back and forth between EmEditor and TextPad, while I’d prefer to use EmEditor alone.

Since I’m a new user, some functionalities may be there, but I do not find them: if that is the case, could you be kind enough to explain to me how to proceed? Now here we go:

* append to the clipboard
I am used to do Shift-Control-C or Shift-Control-X to copy/cut and append to the clipboard. I did not find any clipboard append, right?

* find: mark all lines / copy/cut all marked lines
I often use these features in TextPad, but did not find them.

* configure “tag jump”
a custom regular expression that would return the file path, line number and possibly column number from the output bar, so that double-clicking on an error message would go to the source line. This would allow for instance to match Ruby error messages:
intervals.rb:8: undefined local variable or method `i_do_no_exist’ for main:Object (NameError)

That’s all for the moment. Again, bravo for the editor !


* append to the clipboard

This can be done by a macro:

str = clipboardData.getData("Text");
clipboardData.setData("Text", str + document.selection.Text);

and you can assign the macro to a keyboard shortcut.

* find: mark all lines / copy/cut all marked lines

You will need to explain me exactly what you want to do, but it should be done by writing a macro.

* configure “tag jump”

Version 7.5 alpha has this feature.