Yutaka Emura

masha wrote:
No, it is not what I want.
I have array of integers in my macro, let’s say [10,12,20,34,41].
And I want to have different look of those lines in the editor window.
For example, if the numbers could be lines with compiler warnings.
it is weird to click each line in output window to find it in editor window (altought sometimes it is useful too). Much better to have the lines highlihted in the editor window.

Also, some tools (notably Visual C++ run with /analyze command line switch) may output a few lines numbers for each error or warning, thus make unuseful location the errors by the tag regexp.

May by the solution is to write a plugin to hook the points where emeditor calls WinAPI to draw the text. But it seems to be a quite complex hack.

OK. In Configuration Properties, select Highlight (1) tab, and then you can enter a regular expression to highlight certain numbers. For instance, ^[0-9]+? will select first numbers at each line.