Deipotent says:

The other thing WeBuilder does is to highlight the start and end tag of the current block you are in in a light green colour, and if one of them is missing it will highlight that tag in light red. This is useful as a quick visual indicator that tags are matched.

CodeLobster does this as well. Along with AutoComplete/Suggest for inline css style attributes and html attributes. They are invaluable. Especially since it is difficult to remember all of the “correct” attributes.

I’ve attempted numerous times, unsuccessfully, to setup a custom “brace matching/indentation” (code folding) for HTML, but since there are so many valid closing tags it’s not possible — thus one is limited to code folding only exactingly indented HTML.

The other aspect of tag matching, the tag is not matched when it is “closed” at the wrong depth, and is “mis-matched” when closed inside an open tag.

e.g. Appearance [Cursor NOT inside the div]:

some textmore text

e.g. Appearance [Cursor INSIDE the div]:

some textmore text

While EmEditor can’t necessarily be everything to everyone, this would definitely lessen my need for other Editors.

And code-folding inside matched tags that aren’t necessarily “properly” indented would be awesome — which I mention as it would be a side-effect that could be enabled if EmEditor counted the depth level of tags.