Hi gays, this is my very first post at forum, and please don’t be angry, because I don’t know how to make new post (thread) and where.
Moderator will probably move this at right place.

I have this question about recording makro(s):

When in Sokoban for Windows 2.3 build 6 I save some game as *.xsb file, I have this situation


and I need this one


So, I need to remove all unnecessary caracters from file at first picture, to make file at second, to be able to load that file in Sokoban Puzzle solver v3.7.2


I wish to record Macro which will remove unnecessary tekst from *.xsb files.
This is 5 operations:
1) Remove text above the first pair …
2) Remove text bellow the last pair …
For this I use Cut from menu
3) Remove all remaining caracters
3) Remove all remaining caracters
For this I use Search -> Replace ->Replase All, and than replace and with empty caracter
5) Save that file like *.xsb

Is it possable to make one macro for this, or I must use combination of several macros?