Yutaka Emura

Flint wrote:
Now Opera 9.5 was finally released, with all its advantages and disadvantages. One of the latter is complete removing file extensions from the cached files. :-( Now when I try to view source HTML code (of course, I’m using EmEditor, not Opera’s internal viewer), the file is opened just as Text, not as HTML, because the file is named something like opr000A3, and no extension at all. :-(

Unfortunately, Opera men seem to put it like the greatest super-convenient feature, though it is obviously not (at least, for me and for many other users complaining at that from the very first alphas), and they strongly refuse to return extensions back. Hence, my suggestion: what if EmEditor allowed special association rules, like e.g. “All files from the following folder are HTMLs”?

Just now I found that I knew very little about EE possibilities: I have just set /c HTML command line parameter for opening source code from Opera, and all this works fine! For the nth time I discover what a great program EE is! :-)

Anyway, extended association rules still may be very useful. For example, to set specific syntax for Makefile, or to README files (that are also without extensions and therefore cannot be distinguished from each other).

I am glad you figured out. Also, you can use “EMEDHTML.EXE”, which is equivalent to emeditor.exe /c HTML.