I was surprised that EmEditor is missing a FTP integration option. I’ve been editing files from a Total Commander FTP session – but that is extremely tedious, what with all the dialogs required for each edit/save.

As I noted at the end of the Total Commander thread:

FTP Drive 3.5 (214KB) , install and run.

Add your FTP servers in the “Sites List Editor”.
FTP Drive will create a mounted drive (defaults to Z) under My Computer.

1.Content is browseable like a regular folder structure.
2.Can use normal edit commands, context-menu’s TC Buttons, etc.
3.Can drag files into folders, or Copy and them Paste from the context menu.
4.Copy/Paste from a local Harddrive into the Z:MyWebSite.
5.Use TC’s Comment descript.ion’s for files.
6.When you are editing a file, and save it. It is saved. Done.

Quirk: To create a NEW file on the server with the Windows Save(as) Dialog — You will need to save the file twice. The first save creates an empty file and you get an error dialog. Further saves work as normal.

Red (above) -> TC FTP cannot do.

CONS (1): “FTP Drive 3.5” saves FTP site passwords unencrypted (plain-text) within FTP Drive’s folder. That aspect is not secure. The master-password option of TC and other Password managers (or even Opera) would be much preferred.

Non TC-Related NOTES:

FTP Drive” works fine from Explorer, other file browsers, and/or the Windows open/save dialogs.

Start a FTP session by simply opening a subFolder within Drive Z:

Files are accessed as normal aside from minor read/write delays (as expected) since they need to be uploaded/download from/to the server.