Yutaka Emura

j796160836 wrote:
Thanks to emeditor team for this userfriendly and powerful editor.
Is that a Advenced Replacement Plugin that will bulk copy a template, replace some column which is already set and output.
There is the expamle:

File 1: Some data, separate by comma (First line is a column name)
store_name , Sales, Date
Los Angeles, $1500, Jan-05-1999
San Diego, $250, Jan-07-1999
Los Angeles, $300, Jan-08-1999
Boston, $700, Jan-08-1999

File 2: The template file
{$store_name} was sales {$Sales} at {$Date}.

The output will be:
Los Angeles was sales $1500 at Jan-05-1999.
San Diego was sales $250 at Jan-07-1999.
Los Angeles was sales $300 at Jan-08-1999.
Boston was sales $700 at Jan-08-1999.


Yes, you can replace



1 was sales 2 at 3

using “Regular Expressions” on.

In v9, the CSV (comma-separated) files are supported, and you can even more easily add text between columns!