Yutaka Emura

zhouzh2 wrote:
EE is great. i have tried many editors but when i come across EmEditor,i think i found what i want. It’s the best Unicode-support editor i have ever seen.
BUT there is still something lacking so that i can’t let EE replace all editors in my computer.
in my opinion EE is suitable(or …say perfect:-) ) for daily editing, but when programming, i still have to use SciTE4Autoit3, which is the best programmer’s editor for me.

1. i can’t find calltips support in emeditor,(ie. type “ControlSend(” and automatically popup a tip box showing you how to use this function)

2. also there seems no abbreviation support in emeditor(ie. type “cgf” and hit a key to get “ControlGetFocus()”),

i think the best way is let user to define it in txt files, and Emeditor just load these file when editing particular files.
these tools are really important for a programmer.
HEX support means nothing to me but it’s still a good news to hear that you would add it in future :-)
something else: would the built-in autocomplete feature support both TAB and ENTER to finish a word in future? i mean, most editors including UE/VIM/SciTE use TAB to do that, it’s strange Emeditor use ENTER to do the same thing. :-?

1. Try EmEditor 7.5 alpha which support the parameter info with tooltip with the Projects plug-in.

2. You can use AutoComplete plug-in (you have to download separately at http://www.emeditor.com/modules/mydownloads/singlefile.php?cid=4&lid=97)