Although this is not an example of converting html, it is an introduction to the “Run” feature of the windows scripting host:

var shell = new ActiveXObject(“WScript.Shell”);
shell.Run(“”C:Program FilesInternet ExplorerIExplore.exe”http://www.emeditor.com”);

This example will work on most systems to open MSIE. You can paste this into an EmEditor macro file and run it. The important point is that all macros in EmEditor are also scripts that you can run in regular Windows. This is useful because it means anything you can do from Windows, you can do it from inside EmEditor also.

An example for converting html could be to create a macro that runs HTMLTidy against the currently-focused document in EmEditor, where you just pass the path to HTMLTidy and the path of the current document to EmEditor.

For those who are not programmers, but willing to learn a little bit about Windows Scripting in order to get more out of EmEditor macros, a good thing to try is a search on your favorite search engine:

“What is WSH”


“What is Windows Scripting Host”

If you are familiar with EmEditor macros, you are already familiar with WSH, so you may want to take a moment to read some of the tutorials and the reference from Microsoft.