Glitch 2 is gone. Thanks.

Glitch 1 maybe isn’t so bad. These macros will be used in a production environment (different machines will use them) and will be customized in different folders (may have the same name). Putting them into a My Macros will not work. For instance, there may be a AddProject.vsee in each customers folder that adds the unique project ID to a file with Command Line “EMC filename AddProject”.

It appears EM must be keeping a perminate list (in the registry?) of trusted macros and the folder it is in as you only have to use the “trust” prompt the first time even after booting. This would be per machine as everybody has to trust it once. I suppose you have to do this because these macros are powerful programs and can take over the users computer. This prevents a virus starting up EM to run its bad macro.

Thanks for our help. I’m very impressed with your responsiveness and the product in general.