Yutaka Emura

Since this is suggestion forum, I will not comment on every opinion, but here are some suggestions:

* Do not exit EmEditor when last document is closed.

Check “Do Not Close Last Document by Selecting Close Command” on the Window tab of the Customize dialog box.

* BUG: When editing the properties of the Hyperlink HTML buttons, where it says “Insert Tags” and “Begin:”, if you attempt to edit the text there (““) the text is TRUNCATED.

You have to scroll right to edit the whole text here.

* Option to disable use of the “Find Highlight” for the “Find Next” hotkey, while still having it enabled for the “Find” command that shows the Find window. So Find window shows the find highlight, but “find next” hotkey does not.

If you do not want to highlight found text at all, you can set “0” in the Search Colors in the Display tab of Configuration Properties.

Thanks for your comments. I am sure some of your inputs will be reflected in next major version.