Check “Do Not Close Last Document by Selecting Close Command” on the Window tab of the Customize dialog box.

Ah. I did not understand the meaning of that option. Maybe it would be better if it were renamed to:
[x] “Exit EmEditor when last document is closed”

* BUG: When editing the properties of the Hyperlink HTML buttons, where it says “Insert Tags” and “Begin:”, if you attempt to edit the text there (““) the text is TRUNCATED.

You have to scroll right to edit the whole text here.

That is not the problem. The text box is limited to a maximum of 79 characters but the default text is longer than 79 characters. When you try to edit the default text, it then becomes chopped down to 79 characters. The limit needs to be increased to, for example, 150 characters.

If you do not want to highlight found text at all, you can set “0” in the Search Colors in the Display tab of Configuration Properties.

I like using the find highlight sometimes, but not when using the “Find Next” hotkey. It would be good if I could disable find highlight normally, but then have a “Find with Highlight” button in the Find window that I can click when I want to use the find highlight feature.