Yutaka Emura

ArahL wrote:
Version: EmEditor Professional 8.05

OS: Win XP Pro 32-bit

Key Hardware: two monitors, Radeon X300 video card

Bug Description: When using two monitors, when EmEditor is maximized in the second monitor, lines of text are not updated correctly. Characters go missing. Doing anything that causes that particular line of text to be redrawn (such as moving the cursor to that line) causes the missing characters to appear. Doing anything that causes the whole window to be redrawn at once (such as scrolling) causes the characters to disappear again. This does not happen on the primary monitor. This does not happen when EmEditor is not maximized.

Workaround: Instead of maximizing EmEditor on the second monitor, position and stretch the window to fill the entire screen.

I use two monitors all the time, but I never have problems. I currently use Windows Vista (64-bit), but I also used Windows XP (32-bit). I would try another kind of video card.