In the find dialog click at Customize…

and enable “[X] Regular Expression can match new line characters”

Than just RegEx search for “Deep.+thumb up.”

If you have more then one of such block in the document, then
search non-greedy “Deep.+?thumb up.” to select only one block at time.

OR prefix your expression by “(?s)”
“(?s)Deep.+?thumb up.”

It’s like the JAVA pattern DOTALL
to allow the dot to match newline characters, too.

Or the perl single-line modifier ‘s’ which treats a string as single line.
That is, change “.” to match any character whatsoever,
even a newline, which normally it would not match.

An other trick is to utilize [sS] to match any character:
“Deep[sS]+?thumb up.”

Read more at http://www.regular-expressions.info/reference.html