Hi, Stefan

First of all, you help me again, thank you so much >_< Also thank you for letting me know about
“enable “[X] Regular Expression can match new line characters”

That’s REALLY useful for me in the future too.

However, @ 1st, it doesn’t work, so I read further “Help” about that, and it says NOT to forget to specified the number in “Additional Lines to Search for Regular Expressions” text box to be more than ZERO. So I just enter “100”, and it banged it works like the pattern you gave me. Yes!!!

For the (?s) & [sS] I found it about couple hours ago via stackoverflow
And I believe many newbies like me doesn’t know that too, as you can see the number of the rating currently (138) lol that’s a lot.

Also thank you for giving me not just one but more choices to solve my issue, and also for the future reference website too.

BTW, I have one more question, for the ” Additional Lines to Search for Regular Expressions”, is it SAFE to enter the value very high (I mean 100 for example). I believe it should be ok while I’m using the Non-Greedy (?) mode, isn’t it?

Thank you again Stefan for quick help :-) :-)