Yutaka Emura

Michael2 wrote:

I am trying to buy a package of 3 licenses for EmEditor, but RegNow refuses to process my order.

Twice I tried to buy the licenses and twice I got an email reading as follows:
Unfortunately your recent order with us was unable to be processed. There are many reasons why your order may have been declined. Please email our customer service department at verify@regnow.com and reference your order number if you have any questions.

When I look up the order status on the regnow website I get the following information:
The following orders were either never finalized by you, perhaps you entered incorrect information, or perhaps we were unable to obtain authorization from your bank to charge your credit card.

I have checked the information several times and I am absolutely sure that it is correct. Of cause they cannot charge my credit card, since this is not the payment method I have selected.

Is there any other way to buy a license for EmEditor?


As the email suggests, please email to verify@regnow.com with Order ID to ask what was wrong with your order. They are the only one who can tell you the reason. You might want to use another credit card or another payment method such as PayPal next time. Thank you!