Yutaka Emura

jugaor wrote:
Hola, amigo Yutaka.
EM is a great product, but at your request (“earlier rather than later”) I want to report here several issues (all versions). I numbered’em to facilitate your answers :-D
Sorry for my bad English, I’ll try to be as clear as possible.

1. The OR operator with ‘Search Only Word’ got confused if an including word goes first at the expression (two or more):
(siempre|sintagma|si) OK, matches ‘siempre’/’sintagma’/’si’
(si|siempre|sintagma) BAD, matches ‘si’ but not ‘siempre’/’sintagma’
(If this is the expected behavior, please say it at “Regular Expression Syntax” section inside Help)

2. “Find and Replace in Files” operations treat the special chars (‘ñ’, ‘ç’, accented vowels) as word boundaries. For example: “aca” with ‘Search Only Word’ matches the first part of “acañar” or the last parts of “austríaca”, “ilíaca” and so………
BUT if “Use Regular Expressions” is enabled too, EM works well (!!!). (F&R at open files never have any problem).

3. Please stop the “Escape sequence” auto triggering in F&R dialog (I already said it in a previous post :-(). Besides the additional click to deactivate it, it always duplicates / and chars at Find Line. A nicer behavior could be remember the last user selection of switches.

4. The dialog “Treat the following characters as alphanumerics” (Customize) is working…? (i.e., it applies to what operations?)
If I add any alien char (for example @) EM still treats it as non-letter (using ‘Search Only Word’ or the w operator).

5: (Helpfile) Please include two clarifications (for regexp newbies as I… was ;-)):
a) The ordinals (º,ª) are always treated as alphanumeric, not word boundaries, so l and w includes’em.
b) The “(?” subexpressions allow several strings with I (OR operator), but the lookbehind ones must be lenght fixed.

Thank you very much for your time, attention and talent!
Saludos desde Perú,

“Search Only Word” will not work well with Regular Expressions. Instead, you should use Word Boundaries:

The following escape sequences match the boundaries of words:

< Matches the start of a word.
> Matches the end of a word.
b Matches a word boundary (the start or end of a word).
B Matches only when not at a word boundary.

I will add thse expressions to the Help.

“Treat the following characters as alphanumeric” did not work when searching. This will be fixed in the next alpha version (alpha 19).

In order to stop the “Escape sequence” auto trigerring in F&R dialog, you can now uncheck both “Use Selected Text in Find/Replace dialog box” and “Use Word at Cursor in Find/Replace dialog box” in the “Search” tab of the Customize dialog box.

Thanks so much for your input!