Yutaka Emura

petermcg wrote:
Ability to right-click drag and drop text which would show ‘Move here’, ‘Copy here’ or Cancel dialog

Undo and Redo History List

Ability to highlight Current Line (similar to TextPad)

Ability to perform simple numeric or alphanumeric Sort of lines in a text file

Zoom where the text is zoomed crisply using Vector graphics or font size is increased

Visible Spaces, not just Marks

Right click copy highlighted text, right click where want to paste text does not set the cursor there.

Where Save button on toolbar is greyed out please make it Save As

Ability to Check for updates via Help menu and seamless update installer

Please keep up the great work on EmEditor.

Many Thanks,


You can highlight the current line by changing the color of the current line in the Display tab of configuration properties. Did you want a different behavior than this way?

Simple numeric or alphanumeric Sort of lines is possible by using plug-ins or writing a simple macro. See these plug-ins and macro: