OK, I managed to import all keyboard shortcuts by macro. No problem, thanks for that.

BUT: Next problem: :-(
In HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareEmSoftEmEditor v3CommonMainMenu my changed main menu including some macros is saved, again with macro paths hard coded. :-x
I guess it’s not possible to change the main menu per macro?

I tried to decode the main menu entry, seems to be unicode, always ansi code in hex and then “00”.
I tried to replace my old path with the new one in this hex field and that seemed to work great, but now I get a crash at offset 0003afb1 when I start EmEditor.
Guess it’s not that easy :-(

a. Is it possible to change the main menu per macro?
b. If not, what’s the format of the MainMenu registry entry?

Thanks for any info.