One option is use INI file settings, which use relative path, but if My Macro folder is under user profile (sucn as UsersJohnDocuments…), you will still have to fix each relative path.

But the ini file is saved in EmEditor’s folder in “Program Files”, right? And a normal user does not have the right to write into that folder, so he cannot save his settings into the ini file.

Or is the ini file located elsewhere? I though ini files are for using EmEditor on USB sticks…
And you cannot reimport exported ini files.

For the next major version, I will try to find a way to transfer the settings, possibly by adding something like \%MYMACRO_PATH\% environment, which can be included in the macro path, so the shortcut settings will be easily transferred to another PC.

That would be fine.
For now I think I will go the macro way. I wrote >30 macros for our script language, so one more won’t hurt. Thanks a lot for the example.