Yutaka Emura

owilsky wrote:
OK, I managed to import all keyboard shortcuts by macro. No problem, thanks for that.

BUT: Next problem: :-(
In HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareEmSoftEmEditor v3CommonMainMenu my changed main menu including some macros is saved, again with macro paths hard coded. :-x
I guess it’s not possible to change the main menu per macro?

I tried to decode the main menu entry, seems to be unicode, always ansi code in hex and then “00”.
I tried to replace my old path with the new one in this hex field and that seemed to work great, but now I get a crash at offset 0003afb1 when I start EmEditor.
Guess it’s not that easy :-(

a. Is it possible to change the main menu per macro?
b. If not, what’s the format of the MainMenu registry entry?

Thanks for any info.

You cannot change the macro path from the Registry. The Registry format also includes the length of each menu or command path, so it is not easy to change the Registry value. You should use the “Tools” > “Customize Menus” to change each menu item.