Yutaka Emura

Klortho wrote:
Hi, I’m trying to use the portable version, because I have many customizations, and I use lots of different machines, so it would be very nice if I could get this to work seamlessly from my USB stick no matter where I am. So far I am pretty close, but …

I like the Automatic workspace, I have it set for fully automatic. The problem is that the workspace should depend on the machine that I’m working on, but instead, it is “portable” too. The workspace has info about what files I have open, and those are different for different machines. Now, when I take my USB stick home and fire up EmEditor, it tries to open up files that I had open on my work computer.

It seems that the workspace files is saved in $bin-dir/AppData/Workspace/LastData.bin, where $bin-dir is the “portable” directory. This should either be moved to the user dir for the machine, or else there needs to be one workspace per machine/user combination — but that would probably be too complicated.

I also found that if I close EmEditor with an unsaved file, it stores that temporary file in the user dir for the machine (on my home machine, with Vista, “C:UsersKlorthoAppDataLocalEmurasoftEmEditorWorkspace”). This is definitely a bug — wherever the workspace file is, these temporary files must be stored in the same place. In other words, these temporary files are in the right place, but since the workspace file is not, it is a mess.

But I don’t want to sound too harsh — I am loving version 9! Kudos, again! :-) I guess till this feature is fixed, I will change to not use the automatic workspace — that’s probably safest.

This is certainly a bug, so I am going to fix that in the next minor version. Thanks!