Yutaka Emura

sort wrote:
(To answer your q’s: The .esy is my own PHP highlighter. And then, viewing any .php file)

I have Em installed on my desktop and laptop. The copy on laptop is broken, and it is using settings/highlighting exported from the desktop version. It seemed to break when I imported the highlighting file. To test, I imported the same settings onto a third computer and it did not break.

Now, the odd part is if I run EmEditor on my desktop from the laptop’s install directory on a network share, I will see broken highlighting. Essentially, I can run two emeditors side by side with the same file open and see both highlighted differently.

Since EmEditor loads settings from the registry, both are operating with the same configuration set. The differences are: files in the install directory, install location, and Em version. Though with quick tests, changing the install directory and installing new versions doesn’t help. I will try a clean install of the latest version and see how that goes. But the question remains, what is going on? :)

Please make sure both EmEditor use the Registry by looking at the About dialog box on the Help menu.

Please email me your esy file (after zipped) at tech@emurasoft.com. I will try to reproduce your issue. Thanks!