Yutaka Emura

masha wrote:
Seems there is a bug related to Config object
I can enumerate windows and documents in Python but not the collections of the Config object.
The latest ActivePython has the problem as well.


Window.OutputBar.Visible = True
debug = Window.OutputBar.writeln

# ok
for x in Window.shell.windows: debug(x); debug(x.Caption)

# ok
for x in Window.editor.Documents: debug(x); debug(x.FullName)

# crash
for x in Window.document.Config.Keyboard.List: debug(str(x))

# crash
for x in Window.document.Config.Highlight.List: debug(x)

This is a sensitive area because the list is very large. It might cause out of memory situations.
Did you try Versin 7 and was it OK?
Also, you might want to try something like:

list = Window.document.Config.Highlight.List
for x in list: debug(x)