Yutaka Emura

Flint wrote:
I noticed that when I open a file in EE, it may become unreadable for other programs for a while. In my case, the file is a small Perl script located on a virtual machine connected to mine via network. This script is executed regularly (every 1 second) for performing some actions. But when I open this script for editing in EE, sometimes I get an error on the virtual machine:

/home/…/my_script.pl: /usr/bin/perl: bad interpreter: Text file busy

and after that the file continues executing every 1 second without problems. Does EE lock this file at the moment of opening? If yes – how could it be avoided?

It depends on settings. On File tab of Configuration Properties, if “Keep Locked” is selected for the “Changed by Another Program” drop-down list, your file can be locked from another program. Also, if the file size is larger than 300 MB (by default, or can be set at the Advanced tab of Customize dialog box), it can also be locked. These locks mean “exclusive write” but “share read” by EmEditor, and so another program should still be able to “read” the file while EmEditor locks the file. However, some old programs may not be able to open a file as proper share/exclusive options, so you might need to set “None” or “Prompt” for “Changed by Another Program” drop-down list.