Yutaka Emura

jugaor wrote:
I found a strange behavior with this regexp:
“el( |rn)(l+?)(ega|aba|ase)” [OnlyWord]

It doesn’t match phrases as “el llegaba” or “el llegase”.
I guess that the subexpression “ega” is blocking the results, but the OnlyWord condition should not be enough?
(I tried “ega” and even “ga” at the three positions, with the same behavior).

“el( |rn)(l+?)(ega|aba|ase)( |,|;|.|:|!|?|$|_|-|<)" [OnlyWord]
works as expected.

I found a new case of the formerly reported issue?

Thank you very much for your attention,
(EmEditor 8.04, Windows XP SP3)

As I wrote in another thread, please use regular expressions for word boundaries instead:

The following escape sequences match the boundaries of words:

< Matches the start of a word.
> Matches the end of a word.
b Matches a word boundary (the start or end of a word).
B Matches only when not at a word boundary.

I will add thse expressions to the Help. Thank you!