Second line error’ed out, missing ).
Even when corrected, doesn’t do anything.

First line did it completely wrong also, even when I corrected thr’s suggestions to have double backslashes, and correct ().

It’s not the aspect of simplifying things for example to match a whole word followed by [je], I need to use the words in my top post matched, since those MAY NEVER be followed by [je], only when there’s a space in between.
Other words can be followed directly by je, since I’m correcting Dutch texts, and there je at the end of a word means “little” in English.

So, these words translated from Dutch to English.
Pak = Box
Pakje = Little box
Kind = Child
Kindje = Little child
Hond = Dog
Hondje = Little dog
… but
Denk = Think
Wil = Want
Dacht = Thought
…. so above cannot be followed by [je] since that is not correct, there doesn’t exist any little think, or little want, or little thought.

Please, can anyone help me out ? :-(

P.S. Sorry for my bad English.