Sorry if this all sounds so difficult, the biggest problem is my little knowledge of English to explain the problem
properly, and of course I’m far from a pro into brewing regular expressions.

Perhaps, I can give some kind of English example that gives an
idea of what I mean.

So, In English, correcting the following line(s) properly.
Is that possible to properly correct with 1 single line of regexp ?

English example :
I wantto lookto the car, while doing a salto justto celebrate how great is it.

with the example above, you cannot simple say : Look for any word that ends with to and put
a space inbetween it, because then the word salto would improperly been turn apart. And of course,
checking that the words to search for, are indeed surrounded by a space or a comma, or a newline, is not possible too,
because in the English example I gave the space after wantto is being captured, so the regexp doesn’t correct
the lookto right after it, because there it doesn’t see the preceding space
because it is handled by the match before it.

So, what can I do, I guess I can only write all my regexp’s double, or is there any
special switch to make it work correctly with 1 line of regexp ?

EDIT: before you say look to is not correct and has to be look at, I know ! :-D it’s
only just to give an example.