Yutaka Emura

localizer wrote:
I have a number of .txt files of 20 Mb each. Most of these Mbs are due to the fact that text in each line and in each file is followed by a huge number of white spaces.
I can open each file and do a Search for this
Replace with nothing.
This operation shrinks every file down to 2 Mb. But I have to do this manually for every file.

When I try this Search and Replace in all files, it is very slow. Doing it manually (open file, search and replace, save, close, open next one) is much faster. How can I improve speed in Replace in files?
Computer hardware is not an issue here – 3.5 Gb RAM, Core 2 Duo.

I am not sure why Replace in Files is slower. But if doing it manually is faster, can you try Keep Modified Files Open checked in the Replace in Files dialog?