Yutaka Emura

webern wrote:
Unfortunately “Save Cursor Position and Bookmarks” (C&B positions) bug has not been fixed since v.6.
EmEditor losing previously saved C&B positions after a while.
It is impossible to explain in detail on how (and when) it happens so that you may be able to reproduce it.

However, I have some remarks:

1. More likely, EmEditor losing C&B positions after:
(a) dozens "save/undo/redo" actions, or
(b) dozens "set/remove bookmarks" actions, or
(c) dozens "open/close document" actions were made during one session.
2. Less likely, when editing/managing multiple documents from
different configs during one session EmEditor losing C&B positions
after a while.
3. Also, sometimes EmEditor losing saved C&B positions after
PC was switched Off and then On. But I'm not sure of it.

Sorry for my English.

Yes, the C&B positions are saved only for the number of files defined in the Cutomize – History – Number of Recent Files. You can increase this number up to 64.