Yutaka Emura

wdscxsj wrote:
1. Open a new document and type in the following content:
{ font-family:
2. Move the caret before the first character and search (Ctrl+F) for ‘a’ (a single character), with “Use Escape Sequence” and “Search Only Word” turned on.
3. CPU usage leaps to 100\%.

1. EmEditor 7.07 and 7.06, update installation, Windows XP SP2 (all patches applied except SP3).
2. EmEditor 7.07, fresh installation, Windows 2000 SP4 in Virtual PC 2007 SP1.
3. EmEditor 6.03 on Windows XP SP2 doesn’t have this problem.

I apologize for the bug. I added this case to the test script, and have already fixed it. I will release the next minor version soon.