1)the requested highlight behaviour is this:

first you highlight some text
then you click ctrl and hold it clicked
then you highlight some other text (text that doesnt continue from the firstly selected text)

at this time in EmEditor afaik, we can only select continuing text

for example in the text “hello how are you”, we cant select/highlight the words “hello” and “are” at the same time, we can only select “hello how” or “hello how are”

2)another function that would be useful is this:

in current EmEditor, when you click on a line number (in the line numbers column at left) the whole line is highlighted

but we cannot highlight lines that are not continuous, eg we cannot highlight line 2 and line 4, we can only highlight line 2 and 3

so it would be nice, by pressing ctrl and clicking on line numbers, to be able to select multiple non continuous lines

3)as for double clicking, this behaviour is convenient:

when you double click on a word, emeditor should highlight this word, one more click should highlight the whole sentence, and one more click should highlight the whole paragraph

at the moment, EmEditor doesnt do anything after third or fourth click