Yutaka Emura

gan wrote:

I work a lot with text files and tried a lot of text editors, but only found one that i really like. The one that i been using now for some time is pretty good, but it got some annoying issues so i been looking for another text editor. I haven’t really tried emeditor before i downloaded a trial today and it seems to be pretty good, but there is a couple of things i cannot figure out and hope someone can help me out.

The first thing is when i doubleclick to select a word it seems to work fine, but a lot of the textfiles i got contains IP address and i cannot find any settings to make the doubleclick include the dot. For example when i doubleclick it should select the whole IP address and not only the number i doubleclick on. In this case if i double click on 10 only 10 is selected and not the whole IP address ( Is there any way to set what the delimiters should be for the doubleclick to select some text?

I also wonder about the tile feature. I would like to be able to tile two textfiles vertically and have synchronized scrolling, but within a single instance/group of emeditor. It seems like this is not possible since tile will create a separate instance (or group) for the textfiles. Also i cannot see any option for the synchronized scrolling. Is this possible to do?


Hi, current word delimiters when double-clicking are not customizable. I will take this one of feature enhancement in future versions. And you are right, you cannot tile or cascade within one group. You will have to create a new group to do this. An easiest way is to select “New Horizontal Gruop” or “New Vertical Group” command in the Window menu or in the tab menu. There used to be a synchronized scrolling plug-in created by a user, but I am not sure if it still works. I might create a new plug-in for this purpose, or add this feature in future versions. Thanks!