Yutaka wrote:
Hi, current word delimiters when double-clicking are not customizable. I will take this one of feature enhancement in future versions. And you are right, you cannot tile or cascade within one group. You will have to create a new group to do this. An easiest way is to select “New Horizontal Gruop” or “New Vertical Group” command in the Window menu or in the tab menu. There used to be a synchronized scrolling plug-in created by a user, but I am not sure if it still works. I might create a new plug-in for this purpose, or add this feature in future versions. Thanks!

Thank you for your prompt reply Yutaka. I’ll hope the customizable word delimiters is something that will be included in the close future. I’ll see if i find the synchronized scrolling plug-in, but it’s not something i use a lot so not a big problem.

I also got one other question. It seems like it’s not possible to add the “Save as” button to the toolbar. Is this correct or is it only me that cannot find out how to do this? I use the trial of version 7.00.

Thanks in advance