I think the hover tool tips are an great improvement.
Many thanks Yutaka.

Now we can use an abstract snippet description like “my funny snippet”
and can see in the tool tip what the snippet will do exactly.

Today, (2/28/2012) we are releasing EmEditor Professional v11.1.0 beta.
Updates from v11.0.5 include:
– (Snippets plug-in) The Snippets text is now displayed as a tooltip when the mouse hovers on an item of the Snippets tree (Context menu – View – Tooltip must be checked in order to enable this feature).

Only English, Japanese, and Korean user interfaces are up-to-date.
“View – Tooltip” is not available e.g. in my localized german language file right now.
So, at least for the time to enable the tooltips, use the english language.