Yutaka Emura

Klortho wrote:
Snippets are great, but here is something that is a lot of trouble in trying to set them up. Snippets can be associated with configurations, either by folder, or individually. The problem is, if I want simply to *add* one configuration association to a snippet, it is very difficult.
Originally, for example, “p” in the HTML folder is associated with HTML, JSP, and others. Let’s say I want to additionally associate it with XML. I right-click on “p”, select properties, and then check “Auto comlete only with the following configurations”. All of the configs listed are, by default, unchecked. So I have to first make a record of all the configs that “p” is associated with, then come here and check them, and then additionally check “XML”. This list should be initialized with the current associations for “p”, from whatever folder it inherits them from.
Thank you.

I am fixing this issue as you requested. Thanks!