Yutaka Emura

skay wrote:
I installed the Maksim Golovkin’s v.1.00 plugin using the MS Office spellcheck module with EmEditor. Besides the fact that it is much slower than the Emurasoft spellcheck plugin without additional benefits that I can see (it doesn’t use nearly all the features the MS module offers), there is this problem: the plugin DELETES ALL THE TEXT IN THE DOCUMENT when a user clicks the “change” [spelling] button for even just a single word.

Only after I downloaded and used it, did I discover that, on the plugin’s own webpage, another user submitted the same bug report …in 2006!!

Clearly, this plugin has been abandoned — and it’s dangerous to use, because it can wipe out a user’s work.

This leads to another, even more serious matter: Emurasoft needs to monitor the plugins, esp bug reports (wherever on the website they are submitted), and if a developer does not respond to a bug report with workaround or a fix, then Emurasoft should remove the plugin altogether.

In addition, Emurasoft should test & give a stamp of approval to those plugins that pass all tests. This is something that many developers do not (developers of Mozilla Firefox & Macromedia Dreamweaver do this, for example.) I know Emurasoft produces some of its own plugins, but this does not mean you should do nothing about other plugins that you — Emurasoft — distribute via your website.

That’s all.


I deleted that plug-in. Thanks for reporting that bug. I usually test all plug-ins before I approve or upload to the library. This particular plug-in must have been working for older versions of EmEditor, but does not work for new versions of EmEditor.