Yutaka Emura

jugaor wrote:
Hi, thank you very much for your response.

1. In Spanish, the ‘special’ letters are ÁÉÍÓÚÜ, áéíóúü, Ñ, ñ. I presume that these Unicode chars cover them :)

2. The spaces are needed, since they’re two whole words:
“esta” = “this” / “estas” = “these”, both feminine.
“es” = “is” (singular, verb to be)
“son” = “are” (plural, verb to be)
The strange thing is that EmEditor rightly works with the same subexpression after, not before (i.e. “(¡|¿)esta(s?)(?! es| son)” is correct).

I have been trying to use EmEditor to automatically correct words with bad orthography in subtitles files (Spanish). I wrote some complex VBEE scripts for that, and I found these issues above.

Thanks for your attention,

PS: please, write me when the new beta is ready :)

(?=pattern) (positive lookahead search) and (?!pattern) (negative lookahead search) look ahead from the position where search begins.

For example, expression “(?=x)x” always matches, and expression “(?!x)x” never matches.

So it doesn’t make sense to place (?=pattern) or (?!pattern) at the beginning of a search term.

I will release beta 41 today or tomorrow.