Yutaka Emura

yorkane wrote:
1>Strongly suggest that emeditor can recongize the different sections in HTML code.
Like :
….. is a Css sectin
… is a Javascript section.
The section could apply the corresponding configuration(Css section meet the Css document type).
Gengerally speaking, a single document can match multi-configurations, which section applied configuration could use the configuration’s font color, hightlight, keyboards … etc. Then it will be huge productivity improvement in web developing.(Actually editplus done well in this feature, also it’s autocomplete function works perfect in multi-type of document/section)

2> Live Template function is needed as well.
I’m using autocomplete plugin, it very simple but acceptable. When I change autocomplete library between different type of document, the process will be painful…
Live Template function is very popular in Ecllipse(template), Visual studio(snippet), Netbeans(template), IntelliJ(live template), Editplus(autocomplete) and easy to use and share.
Live Template will significant improving coding productivity, which save us a lot of time in dumb code.

3> Can snippets be titled? It’s hard to recognize the snippets in the side bar, and what mean of it.


1) EmEditor does recognize different sections in HTML code. See screenshots:

2) You can copy autocomplete.dll to a different name, and use both plug-ins. For instance, you can place both autocompleteHTML.dll and autocompletePHP.dll and check “HTML” in the plug-in properties for autocompleteHTML, and check “PHP” in the plug-in properties for autocompletePHP.

3) I am not sure what you mean by “titled”. You can change the location of the Snippets bar. Go to the plug-in properties of the Snippets plug-in, and change the custom bar position.