Yutaka Emura

ivanco wrote:
I am dot net developer. For C# I am using VS.NET + Resharper.
I am trying trial EmEditor for programming.
The editor is good, but I dont understand how can I find any data info in the Symbol List.
I opened my c# solution (.sln) and saw symbols in the right pane. For what reason? Without quick search that feature IMO is not necessary.

Maybe I am wrong ..
What about search???
In the Resharper I can type:
Ctrl + T for quick access to the symbols
Ctrl + Shift + T – for quick access to the files in my project
Alt + – for quic access to the current file symbols.

And that resharper’s feauture is amazing !!! How I can reach this functionality in EmEditor? thanx.

If you want to customize keyboard shortucts, you can select Properties for Current Solution Template, and select Keyboard tab.
Then you can customize keyboard for “Symbol List”, but not for all commands you specify above.