Yutaka Emura

Passiday wrote:
I did some experimenting with the new OutputBar features, namely, outputting some text to it from macro. I discovered, that tag jumps actually work, if I use keyboard shortcut (F10). However, I don’t see any way how to enable the tag highlighting so that they could be clicked with mouse.

Actually, is the effect of the code below possible to do via normal menus and dialogs?
> document.HighlightTag = true;

I’d also like to see tags that jump not only to the specified line, but also to the specified column.

Actually, the Output bar does not highlight anything, so document.HighlightTag = true; macro code does not do anything for Output bar. You can use either F10 or double-clicking the respective line. The specified column is not possible at current version. It might be considered in future versions.