Yutaka Emura

dreftymac wrote:
How many different ways can a user set up a two-keystroke keyboard mapping?

I know in another TextEditor, it was possible to set them up using

ctrl+Q … (then some other key)

ctrl+semicolon (then some other key)

does EmEditor support this? If yes, for which keys?

Thanks for any info.

Two-keystroke keyboard mappings are allowed up to 8 different first keys using User Menu (1) to User Menu (8). CTRL + K is already pre-defined to User Menu (1) by default. You can define other User Menus on the Help menu > Keyboard Map.

For each User Menu, you can define as meny shortcuts as you want (of course, limited to physical keys). To customize the user menus and set keyboard shortcuts, go to Customize Menus on the Tools menu, select User Menu (1)-(8), and then customize the menu by using & to specify the second shortcut key.

I hope this information will help, and I will add this information to our FAQ section.