Yutaka Emura

iisisrael wrote:
We’re moving on from TextPad, and EmEditor does everything we need for e-book development except two things:

1) Replace in all files open
* I read in a recent post you plan to implement this in the next version. I’d like to add our vote in favor of that feature. Is this for certain???
2) Upper ascii search (e.g. [€-ÿ] ) results in “Invalid range end” error message. Non-range regex will work (e.g. [€‚ƒ„…†]), and lower-to-upper range will work (e.g. [~-ÿ]), so it seems to be the first upper ascii in the range causing the problem.
* Some kind of reassurance that this bug will be checked would be nice!

Thanks for your awesome work!


1) Yes, the Replace in all files open option is already implemented in my PC. Please wait for the next major version release, or beta (or alpha) version.

2) EmEditor regular expressions are completely Unicode-based. Since € is U+20AC, and ÿ is U+00FF, this expression is invalid. You can use [^x00-x7f], which searches for any character not in the range of U+0000 – U+007F.