Yutaka Emura

FredericCC wrote:
I have encountered this minor problem for some time. In fact, it may be a browser problem but I have asked this question in Firefox’s forum but got no reply.

I have set emeditor as Firefox’s default for viewing source.
But emeditor (ver. 7 or 8) cannot open webpages which have titles Not being purely alphanumeric.

So I checked the temporary files, and found that the webpages’ filenames are named using the webpage title. Emeditor cannot recognize them when I use right click menu on Firefox. Everytime if I want to use emeditor to open them, I need to open the temporary folder and find the temporary page to open.

Is there any tweak to this?


I have Firefox 3 installed, but how can you set EmEditor as Firefox’s default for viewing source?

Which web page can reproduce this issue?