Yutaka Emura

bakeneng wrote:
I develop html with emeditor.
Now I open 2 tabs, custom.js and start.html, there a line

in start.html,when i edit custom.js and switch tab to start.html,
then run web previewer to see the result, it’s ok. but i switch the tab to custom.js while the web previewer is runing, there is a box popup,it asks me if i want to download custom.js.
maybe it’s not a bug, i can switch to custom.js tab after i close the web previewer, but I think it’s not convenient.

I see. You can disable the box popup if you go to the WebPreview Properties (Right Click on the WebPreview button > Properties), and then check “Automatically display the Web Preview for selected configurations” and have only HTML is checked. I hope this helps.