But I get always a “2” for eeStatus, no matter if the button is in pressed state or not? :confused:


editor.ExecuteCommandByID(4571); //Toggles the Incremental Search BUTTON on the Find toolbar

var eeStatus = editor.QueryStatusByID(4571);
alert("eeStatus: "        + eeStatus);          // 2
alert("eeStatusLatched: " +  eeStatusLatched ); // 4
alert("eeStatusEnabled: " +  eeStatusEnabled ); // 2

The toggle command “4571” works, but we can’t get the state of that button back with QueryStatusByID().
Me think, “4571” is not the ID of that button itself, but just the ID of the toggle command.
So to answer your question beforehand, I have no glue if this increment search button itself has a own ID to get its state.