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    Text shifting with CTRL+Shift+Up Arrow/Down Arrow does not work anymore since version 19.3.1.
    (In version 19.3.0 portable this still worked).

    Line 1
    Line 2

    Cursor in line 2
    CTRL+SHIFT+Up Arrow

    Line 2 is moved up.
    Line 1 is deleted!

    Only tested with x64 installed version.

    Please check/fix.
    Thank you!
    After starting the installed version, two tabs are always opened,
    and that’s “Untitled-1” and “Untitled-2”. The “Untitled-2” tab is active.

    Can you also check this please?
    Thank you!

    Yutaka Emura

    The Move Line Up/Down commands will be fixed on the next version.
    As for the issue that two tabs are always opened, can you write more detailed procedure to reproduce the issue? Which Automatic Workspace option is selected (Customize – Workspace)?


    I’ve checked that again now (2 tabs):

    The “problem” occurs in the 64 bit version (installed), and only with the first program start,
    when I use EmEditor

    – with a shortcut on the desktop –> “C:\Program Files\EmEditor\EmEditor.exe” or
    – with a button in file manager “Total Commander” –> command: “C:\Program Files\EmEditor\EmEditor.exe”

    If I move EmEditor to the systray with ESC and then open it with a double click,
    there is only 1 tab page left.

    This “problem” does not exist in the portable 64 bit version.

    If you still need the information about Customize Workspace, I can deliver it later.

    Is it possible to integrate a .png image file here directly (25,2 KB) or only via an external website (image hoster)?
    (I think I have seen a picture here directly in the forum … but I don’t know how to set it up)

    Yutaka Emura

    Hi tuska,

    I am not sure what you mean by “If I move EmEditor to the systray with ESC and then open it with a double click, there is only 1 tab page left.”. By default, EmEditor will not minimize with the ESC key unless you change the default shortcut keys.

    In the Customize dialog box – Shortcut page, any of these options set?
    “Display a tray icon to the task bar”
    “EmEditor Quick Start”

    In the Customize dialog box – Workspace page, what is selected for the Automatic Workspace drop-down list box?

    Can you export your settings to registry (Tools menu, Import and Export, and select “Export all settings into a registry file”), and zip all the files including AppData subfolder, and email it to tech @ emurasoft?

    I am not sure how you can upload images in this forum, but you can paste a link to an image at an external website.

    Thank you,


    Thank you for your prompt response.

    02.11.2019 19:22:
    I sent an email with all information including a video by email.

    I would like to add only that the “problem” when using the
    – file “C:\Program Files\EmEditor\EmEditor.exe” and
    – not using the file C:\Program Files\EmEditor\emedtray.exe

    Thanks in advance.

    Yutaka Emura

    These issues were fixed on v19.3.2.
    Thank you!


    Thank you very much for your prompt fix of the “Move Line Up/Down” commands!

    There is still a problem with the double tabs after program starts,
    which, however, in Version 19.3.2 only occur randomly.

    I have sent you another email with a link to a new video.
    Thank you!


    After having received an email from Mr. Emura on Nov. 3, with a hint regarding the settings,
    the problem with the 2 tabs when starting EmEditor is also solved for me.

    I have changed my settings as follows:
    Tools > Customise… > Shortcut >
    ☑ Display a tray icon to the task bar
    ☑ Display a tray icon when EmEditor launches

    Thanks a lot!

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