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    I know Yutaka had made macros for similar functions as below,but if file is big,macro works very slowly.

    ◆Find(in the active document)
    【List Lines Containing String】

    This option causes UltraEdit to search for all occurrences of the string in the active document and to list them in a dialog box. By double-clicking on one of the result lines (or selecting it and clicking on Goto) UltraEdit will position to that line in the file.By clicking “Clipboard” button,all the search result will be copy to clipboard.

    ◆Find in Files:
    【Results to Edit Window】

    This option instructs UltraEdit to create an edit window (new file) for the results of the find. This allows editing of the results, saving or printing the results. The default action is to capture the output in a list box window (Output Window) that allows the user to double click on the result and have the file opened automatically.

    EmEditor have similar function,but it seems not to list all the results of the find in a file.


    Rieko Matsunaga


    Where can I find these macros you mentioned?


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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