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    I’m installing 9.06 (registered) English, on WinXP, SP2.
    I previously had 8.05 installed, which I deactivated from the system tray and then removed via Control Panel with the option to keep my previous settings.
    I prefer to use a slightly non-standard install location, Program FilesUtilsEmEditor, if this makes any difference.

    The installer has hung at what looks like the very end of the installation process. The words “Please wait” appear above the progress bar, which seems to be at 100\%. Only the Cancel button is active at the bottom of the dialog.

    Clicking Cancel brings up a “not finished, are you sure” dialog, to which I click Yes. Nothing happens after this point, the install dialog window does not go away. Clicking on Cancel again still does not clear the box.

    I will reboot and try once again, this time I’ll ensure that NOD32 antivirus is disabled. In the meantime, does anybody have any suggestions?
    Thank you,



    The hung installation resulted in not being able to reboot using the normal Windows Restart process. It was impossible to know from Task Manager which was the install program in order to terminate it there, so I ended up having to use the reset button.

    After reboot I temporarily disabled NOD32. Add/Remove programs did not show EmEditor as being installed.

    I double-clicked on the install msi and the dialog said that the installation could be continued, so I chose yes. It continued and did complete installation. EmEditor seems to be correctly installed.

    If I can provide any other troubleshooting information just let me know.
    Thank you.


    Yutaka Emura

    The installer executable is ‘msiexec.exe’. Sometimes, the installer becomes slow especially when you have many applications installed on your PC. Please just wait when it seems hang, and then the installer should complete the install.

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